Fpweb Managed Services page on iMac Desktop

Fpweb.net Managed Services Page

When I started at Fpweb, their services were offered on a hourly bank model where customers could buy hours to complete a project. One of the first things I did as a part of the company was help them transition for a bank model to a subscription model.

I started in my sketchbook with a rough wireframe of how I’d lay out the page.

Then I started working out the typography for each subscription plan.

Then I combined all the type to see how it’d look all together.

Then I went to the computer and made a digital comp.

I used our brand colors for the whole pricing chart, but it soon became clear that with the broad scope our new subscription model would be used in, I’d need to brand each plan individually. I created avatars that would represent each plan because when you order one of these plans, it’s like your ordering one full time employee with that title.

Then I color coded each plan and its’ corresponding avatar to enhance the brand.

Then I went back to my sketchbook to quickly draw up how the page would look with avatars heading up each of the plans.

Finally, I turned my sketches into code and deployed it on our .NET platform.